The spring roll skin machine – Spring Roll Skin Forming Machine 

The machine can make Popia, complete feeding, forming, baking, cooling automatically. Save labor, save cost. the min capacity of the machine is 5500 pieces per hour, and the max capacity of the machine is 12000 pieces per hour.

The machine can make Popia

Information of The machine can make Popiah 



máy tráng bánh bò bía tự dộng
Machine make Spring Roll Skin wrapper (Popiah) Automatic Sold Worldwide: U.S., Europe, Japan, ThaiLand, Malaysia, Singapore…


Machine make Spring Roll Skin wrapper (Popiah) Automatic Sold Worldwide. In the U.S., Europe, Japan, ThaiLand, Malaysia, Singapore,….

Machine make Spring Roll Skin wrapper (Popiah) Automatic Sold Worldwide. In the U.S., Europe, Japan, ThaiLand, Malaysia, Singapore

IRATO COMPANY has been selling spring roll skin wrapper processing machines widely due to the trend of Chinese cuisine.

IRATO’s 100% automatic one person operated spring roll making machine is particularly popular because of the high labor cost and hygiene requirements. 

If a buyer wishes to make various sizes of spring rolls skin, IRATO also offers automatic spring roll processing machines.

The Spring Roll Skin series machines are perfect for making foods that require thin wrappers such as spring rolls, samosa… etc. 

Various stuffings can be used such as beef, pork, seafood and vegetable. The Spring Roll Skin Wrapper Popiah series machines are designed for using in production line.

The Spring Roll Skin Wrapper Popiah series machines are designed to produce a continuous sheet of baked pastry skin to be cut. Both length and width of the pastry sheet, you can be adjusted to desired specifications.

Spring Roll Skin Production Line (Popiah) của IRATO Viet Nam (IRATO COMPANY) is equipped with special folding & rolling device, to produce spring roll skin (popiah) like handmade. It’s provides high production capacity and adapts to your needs.

Mainly used to make the spring roll, the crepe, and can also make the Fillo Pastry.

Can make different shape of round shape or rectangular shapes and the quadrate,etc.

Composed of mixer, automatic batter feeding part, heating & shaping cylinder, cutter, conveying & cooling part.

May lam banh trang bo bia tuoi

Features of Machine Automatic Make Spring Roll Skin (Popiah) 

  • Customize machine, size Spring Roll Skin is adjustable.
  • According to customer’s requirement, this machine can attach different optional devices to produce various kind of products.
  • Advance design, sanitary and safety device.
  • Reasonable price. 
  • According to the bog and medium production demand, we supply suitable machine to assist our clients to produce more value added products.
  • Easy to operate, ressemble, clean. The machine is easy to assemble, clean and maintain.
  • Uniform products and high capacity.
  • 5500 cakes / H to 12,000 cakes / h
  • Using Mitsubishi engine enter.
  • Advanced technology for automatic thermostat, evenly hot cake in 2 rows of molds.
  • Adjustable thickness of cakes (30 cakes / 100-95gram)
  • Can make fresh cakes and dry cakes
  • Stainless steel ensures food hygiene and safety, does not rust when daily contact with water
Model  IRT-BB550 IRT-BB750IRT-BB1200
Wattage5500 cakes/ hour7500  cakes/ hour12000  cakes/ hour
(Length x Width x Height)2.85 x 0.8 x1.6 (m)3.5 x 0.8 x1.8 (m)5.5 x 1.2 x 2,2 (m)
Weight400kg 500kg650kg
Number of operators1 person1 person 1 person
Thermal power supply380 V (3 phase)  380 V (3 phase)380 V (3 phase)
Power consumption12kW / h 16kW / h30kW / h

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About Spring Roll (POPIAH)

Spring rolls is an umbrella term used in Western culture to describe disparate varieties of filled, rolled appetizers similar to the Chinese chūn jǔan (春卷, lit. “spring roll”), from which the term was derived. 

East and Southeast Asian cuisine foods referred to by the term have different names depending on their country of origin, as well as the type of wrapper, fillings, and cooking techniques used. They are commonly eaten in certain Asian countries, most notably China, Vietnam, Singapore, Indonesia and Philippines.

Shanghai rolls are often filled with lightly sautéed pork julienne and shredded cabbage and chopped spring onions; light soy sauce, ginger, Chinese cooking wine and a little salt is often used to flavor the fillings, and sometimes shitake mushrooms are also added for extra umami and texture. The cooked ingredients can be stuffed into different sized rolls, but always deep-fried till the fillings are thoroughly cooked and the skin golden and crispy, best to serve and enjoyed fresh with one’s favorite dipping sauce. Shanghai rolls are simple and savory; it’s now a widely available treat in the frozen sections of the supermarkets all across Southeast Asia, as well as in the Netherland and many countries where there are strong Southeast Asian communities.

Spring roll is a kind of deep-fried stuffed rolls. The filling, either sweet or savory, is wrapped in a very thin baked dough sheet. If it is savory, meat or seafood such as shrimp spring roll is the most common flavor. Spring roll originated in China and its name was literally translated from Chinese. In Chinese culture, eating spring roll represents a fresh start to the New Year and a wish for good luck. As the food spread over the world, it’s given different names such as lumpia in Southeast Asia, cigar roll in Middle East, and egg roll in America.



? Test machine until running successfully

Miễn Free installation directly at home, production facilities in all regions of the country ??

? Technology transfer for making Spring roll skin popiah machine

? Warranty for 1 year

? Always have enough machine maintenance components

? Customize the machine according to customer requirements

? Gifts: Industrial flour mixer, conveyor size 2.5m

and many other interesting gifts.



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✅ Specialize in supplying production lines and machines for producing large and medium-sized rice paper machine; machine spring rolls skin Popiah.

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